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Obstacles & Opportunities

Oct 2021

Shawna Ryan

October 31, 2021

Shawna Ryan is a Paralympic cyclist AND goal ball player. She’s had low vision all her life as a result of being born with cataracts. She wasn’t introduced to parasport until the age of 28, and it gave her a place to belong and race without fear.

As a child, Shawna’s sister passed away, and later she lost her step dad to suicide. She now uses her experiences with grief and loss to help others.

Shawna went through a different form of grief & loss when she retired from para sport, and she takes us through the complex emotions that followed.

Shawna has a positive and infectious energy, and a knack for encouraging others. She’s wise, kind, fun, and an excellent story teller!

As Shawna would say—be brave and have fun! Also, enjoy our conversation!