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Jul 2022

Nate Riech

July 25, 2022

Paralympic champion Nate Riech is here!

Nate—who comes from an intensely athletic family—was hit in the head with a stray golf ball when he was 10. He acquired a traumatic brain injury and was initially paralyzed on his right side.  He surpassed all expectations for his recovery, and burst onto the international para athletic scene in 2018! He holds world records and earned a gold medal in the 1500m at Tokyo 2020—his debut Paralympic Games.

Nate thrives on connection with others, his love for family is palpable, and he credits the supportive team around him for his incredible recovery and his ability to excel in sport.

Nate has embraced his disability as it’s taught him how to be his own person. He has an incredible sense of humour and a winning smile.

Nate is AMAZING and our conversation flew by. We hope you are as inspired by him as we are!

Check out his podcast Stride with Graywolf, and follow him at @nategraywolf on Instagram & Twitter!